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Snevel Technologies - Blue Technology Line

Snevel Technologies is deeply committed to transforming education with cutting-edge technology. We speciale in Audio Video, Network Cabling, and White Glove services for schools, we understand the vital role of seamless tech integration.

As your trusted partner, we tailor innovative solutions to enhance classroom experiences and facilitate remote learning, shaping a better educational future.

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Audio Video | Snevel Technologies

Audio Video Services to Optimize Education

Lecture Halls | Classrooms | Zoom Rooms | Hybrid Learning Rooms | Gyms | Auditoriums | Smart Boards | Promethean Boards | Projectors | Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs)

Here at SNEVEL Technologies, we're dedicated to transforming educational spaces into hubs of innovation and engagement through cutting-edge Audio Video solutions. Our AV services cater to various educational spaces, from small classrooms to large gyms and auditoriums. We offer crystal-clear audio, dynamic visuals, and interactive tools, ensuring that students and educators are captivated and empowered in their learning environment.

Smart Boards | Snevel Technologies

Classroom Optimization

In order to optimize classrooms we offer installation of Smart Boards, Promethean Boards, Projectors, and Interactive Flat Panels (IFP) of all brands that transform traditional teaching spaces into interactive and engaging environments.

Flexible Learning | Snevel Technologies

Flexible Learning

We also understand flexibility is crucial in today's educational landscape. Our Zoom Rooms and hybrid learning setups facilitate seamless virtual and in-person experiences, allowing students to engage from anywhere.

At SNEVEL, we're not just about technology; we provide tailored solutions. Our experts assess your institution's needs, design customized AV solutions, and seamlessly install them. Join us in embracing the future of education, where technology and innovation empower educators and students alike to thrive!

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Network Cabling | Snevel Technologies

Network Cabling for all your Schools Needs

Desktop Computers | Access Points | Security Cameras | Vape Detector | IP Speakers | IP Clocks | VoIP Phones

SNEVEL offers tailored Network Cabling services for educational institutions, recognizing the vital role of a robust network infrastructure in modern education. From rapid data transfer for desktop computers to comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage through strategically placed access points, we address your connectivity needs comprehensively.

Wifi | Snevel Technologies


Is your school grappling with sluggish network speeds? It's likely not solely due to hardware and software; aging cabling may be at the root. Many buildings still rely on decades-old installations that, while cutting-edge in their time, now hinder network performance.

IP Clock & Paging Icon

IP Clocks & Paging

We can help you revolutionize your school or educational institution by installing state-of-the-art IP Clocks & Paging services. Ensure synchronized timekeeping across campus and streamline communication effortlessly.

Security Cameras | Snevel Technologies

Camera Installation

Discover a safer learning environment with our specialized camera installation services. Our cutting-edge cameras, equipped with advanced features such as motion detection and high-resolution imaging, can help ensure a comprehensive and secure monitoring system.

Vape Detector | Snevel Technologies

Vape Detector Install

At Snevel we see schools and educational institutions actively fighting vaping. A solution we can help with is vape detector installation. By partnering with us, schools can take a proactive stance against harmful behaviors, fostering a healthier learning environment.

Our infrastructure supports VoIP phones, ensuring clear and reliable communication. We're not just cabling experts; we're partners dedicated to creating secure, technologically advanced, and adaptable learning environments. Our experienced team collaborates closely with your institution to design and seamlessly install a network infrastructure that evolves with educational demands.

Empower your school with Snevel's future-ready solutions today!
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White Glove Services | Snevel Technologies

White Glove Services


Our White Glove Service is designed as a “hands off” set up and configuration for your IT staff to aid in the deployment of devices. We will handle all of the setup and configuration so all that our customers have to do is distribute. While our  expertise is  in setting up Chromebooks our team can handle iPads, laptops, and desktops as well! Our customers are able to distribute to their Faculty, Staff and students immediately upon delivery.  Who then can login and begin to work right away.  We do all the work and your IT staff can focus on other things.

Green Packaging | Snevel Technologies

Green Packaging

At Snevel we handle unboxing and recycling the packaging.  We condense your deliveries down to less boxes, which reduces storage and the amount needed to be moved by 70%!

Individual Deliveries | Snevel Technologies

Individual Deliveries for Buildings

During our process we can package your devices by building and offer deliveries to each one to ensure they are onsite and on time for you.  All while saving you time and money.  Our process ensures that we know exactly which device goes to each building as well.

Asset Tagging | Snevel Technologies

Asset Tagging

We know you need to track your inventory.  We will attach your district's asset tags to the device, or even print one for you.  We also match that asset tag number up to the serial number of the device.

Case Install | Snevel Technologies

Case Install

Kids are tough on everything!  We will install the case for you to help protect your devices.

Google OU Set Up | Snevel Technologies

Google OU Set Up

One enrolled we will place each device in the correct OU for you based on building and/or grade.

Carting | Snevel Technologies


We offer On-site or Off-site carting of your Chromebooks, which includes wiring of the chargers.

Snevel’s White Glove Service streamlines device deployment, leaving your IT staff free to concentrate on other priorities while ensuring your students can get to work promptly!

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Snevel Technologies - Blue Technology Line
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Hear from our valued client


We’ve partnered with Snevel Technologies on multiple projects since 2018 installing hundreds of interactive flat boards throughout our district.  Their attention to detail is impeccable with each project being completed neatly, professionally, on time, and on budget.  Snevel Technologies is truly a leader when it comes to audio/video technologies and installations.

Snevel Technologies - Blue Technology Line
David Siwiak

Manager of Information Services | Middletown Township School District