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Architectural and Structural Consultation

Designing a new conference room? Having to renovate a series of classrooms? Or are you building an entirely new building that will require extensive networking and technology needs?  These can be overwhelming solutions to build and Snevel can help.


Not only does our team have the expertise to select the exact hardware your clients need to perform their jobs, but we know all of the best practices that will ensure that hardware is optimized.


Have you asked your clients what areas require hard-wired connections vs. wireless ones?  

What building materials are being used and will the wireless access point be able to perform adequately around it?  

For the new conference room, how big is it and what kind of ceiling material is being used to avoid echoing?  


Will any other sound dampening materials be used in the design? 


How about windows - will the light overpower the projection screen in mid-afternoon?


These questions don’t even scratch the surface!


The point is, technology implementation requires just as much thought and consideration as the electrical and plumbing.  Above are just a few of a thousand questions that need to be answered for each unique citation and because of our experience, we can answer most of them without having to ask the customer.


Contact us today for consultative questions around:

  • Technology implementations for new construction

  • Conference room optimizations

  • Classroom optimizations

  • Wireless Access Point Position and Installation

  • Security Camera Solutions

  • Sports Bar Television Installations

  • VoIP and other Unified Communications

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